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  Growth Series 2: Growth Teams & Processes by Francois Bondiguel (Head of Growth, Xero)

Looking to learn more about growing your company in a processed way? Join our conversation with Francois Bondiguel, the Head of Growth of Xero ($405M ARR) and learn more about these topics: 

1. What is a Head of Growth and why do we need one in our company?

2. Growth processes & teams 

3. What to look for when recruiting you growth team. 

Francois Bondiguel is the head of growth at Xero (beautiful accounting and payroll software for small business) and a full stack demand gen leader with an entrepreneurial approach. 

He has a passion for growth hacking with 11 years of experience in online marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, and customer acquisition for leading marketing agencies and global B2B and B2C SaaS companies. 

As a head of growth, he has a strategic and operational role in several key initiatives happening simultaneously and moving at a fast pace. Working with key stakeholders the Head of Growth will understand the high-level business needs then obsessively test new channels and strategies – many outside the box – to grow revenue. 

Join the conversation and learn more about running growth at a high pace company.